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Smile Makeover testamonial

27th September, 2010

Mr F in Chelsea came to restore his smile

Complications of untreated abscessed tooth explained by Cheam dentist

21st September, 2010

An abscessed tooth is a very painful and uncomfortable matter, it is caused by bacteria leaking into the gums and infecting the inside. If it is left untreated then complications will quickly occur. These can result in other teeth becoming infected, and the loss of more teeth will generally follow. Oral hygiene is an important part of preventing infections in the mouth and a lack of it is a risky thing. Other complications can lead to heart problems, and diabetics are also prone to infections of the blood. Once bacteria gets a hold then gum infections will spread quickly says a Cheam dentist, one of the big problems facing a dentist is that some people have a morbid fear of the dentist, and the pain and discomfort of an abscess will often be better to bear than facing our fears. Although these fears have little foundation, they are no less embedded in our psyche, even a visit to the doctor can be difficult to a sufferer where a tooth problem is involved. However, the long term problems of an untreated abscess will be devastating for the teeth and could end in the loss of a lot of teeth, plus blood poisoning. A simple course of antibiotics is usually all that is needed, and within a week a dentist will be able to look at the cause of the abscess and then treat it. If the infection gets into the cavity of the inner chamber of a tooth then a root canal treatment may be needed. This is only possible though if the tooth is saveable, and a lot of teeth won’t be saveable in cases where long term damage has been done to an abscessed tooth. Prevention is better than a cure, so to avoid an abscess it is better to have a good oral hygiene regime.

Epsom dentist gives advice on Baby bottle and tooth decay


Baby bottle tooth decay is not a subject that normally gets brought up in Ante- natal classes, but it is an important part of baby care says a Epsom dentist. The problem isn’t just one that is easily solved by breast feeding; it starts almost as soon as the baby is born even though teeth won’t start to grow untill much later. All baby formulas contain bacteria; we all have bacteria in our bodies as we need them to break down enzymes, acids and fats into the energy that we need to feed our organs. When a baby salivates the mouth is producing an anti acid agent to dilute the acid in the formula milk, but when the baby falls asleep this activity stops and acid builds up. This is the acid that damages the teeth by destroying or weakening the enamel of baby’s first teeth. This comes at a time when your baby is beginning to develop a personality, and they will pick up on any negative vibes they feel from anyone around them. A baby can tell by the tone of a voice if it is receiving a negative compliment, bad teeth can cause problems that will affect their smile and facial features. The baby will also have constant pain problems with their first teeth from baby bottle tooth decay. The way to counteract this is a simple one, firstly keep your baby awake for at least 15 minutes after a bottle, that way the saliva production will be sufficient enough to dilute the acids. Secondly ask your doctor about safe fluoride levels in the water supply, and then enquire at your water supplier for their level tables. Fluoride is a big friend to our teeth, and your baby needs to have sufficient levels to fight tooth decay in their early years.