Smile of the Week

Facial Treatments

12th August, 2010

Mrs M in Sutton came for wrinkle reduction.

Teeth Whitening Aftercare Advice In Stonecott Hill Dentist

14th July, 2010

To ensure your whitening procedure in Stonecott Hill is long lasting, it is essential to avoid food and drink capable of discolouring your teeth for around a week after the whitening procedure, and also to abstain from smoking.
Your Stonecott Hill dentist will advise you to practice good dental hygiene (after every meal, brush and floss) and avoid some of the regular causes of staining (red wine, tea, coffee, etc.). To avoid discoloration in the future, dentists frequently recommend availing of a straw, even when having tea and coffee. Smokers wishing to proceed with whitening procedure are told to quit smoking so as to put a stop to the discolouration it produces. Talk about such matters with your dentist when you first visit him for a whitening treatment.


Smile of the Week

23rd June, 2010

Mrs J before

Mrs J after

Mrs J from Ewell visited the practice unhappy with the appearance of her front teeth. Dr Dean Carr provided 2 front Cercon Crowns and  Cercon Bridge to restore her upper teeth and improve her smile.