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Facing up to Oral Cancer with your Epsom Dentist

20th July, 2011

If you have any issue occur  in the body in Epsom, like anything, if the problem is identified in its infancy, there is a high chance it can be treated and cured; so it is with oral cancer. Though we are still struggling to nail this disease,  we now have a better understanding of  how it starts and what causes it . Mostly, most dentists will agree that a high percentage of people suffering from the problem normally smoke, abuse alcohol, have a bad diet and poor oral hygiene– in all, a poor lifestyle and cancer will thrive on this, attacking the inside of the cheeks, the roof and floor of the mouth, gums and tongue. These fleshy areas are at further risk too from constant irritations in the mouth, from rough teeth, dentures and even fillings. It manifests itself through constant ulcers, sore throats, chewing and swallowing pains and bad tastes in the mouth and this is the time to get a check-up. Some simple tests at the dentist will soon identify if you have a problems; if so then you are in for some pretty testing periods of chemo, radio therapy or even physical surgery to beat the disease. But it’s how you approach this time that will give you the optimum chance of removing the cancerous cells. Everything from diet to oral hygiene must be changed to give you a fighting chance, most of all, your attitude. You may require the help of a support group afterwards too, to help you through the psychological trauma, but success rates are up, so there’s every chance that you can beat this disease.

Sutton Dentist Uses Principles Of Minimally Invasive Dentistry


It performs the least amount of dentistry needed in any situation.

Never removes any more tooth structure than is absolutely required to restore teeth to their normal condition.

Always uses dental materials that conserve the maximum of tooth structure.

Uses only dental materials that have been researched by leading dental schools and research institutions and that are recommended by leading practising dentists.

Uses only the strongest and longest-lasting dental materials to reduce the need for future repairs and replacement.

Uses dental procedures that keep the number of necessary appointments to a minimum.

Uses only dental laboratories that use minimal invasive materials for the restoration of teeth

Sutton Dentist Are Experts In Teeth Straightening


Having a crooked smile not only doesn’t look that good, it can also cause problems of its own. Those with misaligned teeth are more likely to grind their teeth when they sleep (dentists call this bruxism) and teeth which are bunched up and crowded can be more likely to develop cavities because it can be difficult to clean in between them.

Thankfully dentists have been effectively straightening out teeth for many, many decades now. With the flourishing of new technologies and increased investment in dental research, there are also a number of different ways in which you can get your teeth straightened.

The old faithful  for a long time, is the traditional metal brace. These devices amount to a series of brackets secured to your teeth, through which metal wires are threaded. These wires can be tightened and loosened as needed so that your teeth are slowly moved into more desirable positions.

Many people were frustrated though with how unsightly these braces could look, not to mention how messy they became and how long the period of treatment could be. In response to this, a number of new methods for straightening teeth have come onto the market which seek to alleviate these problems.

There is Invisalign which dispenses with wires and brackets all together and adjusts teeth with a series of clear plastic plates which are totally removable and replaced once they have achieved all their teeth movement.