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Sutton Dentist Helping to Prevent Dental Phobias

18th August, 2011

It is recommended that you visit your dentist every six months or so as directed and this is something that most people will do. If you ask any dentist what the best way to take care of your teeth is and, aside from looking after them at home with brushing and flossing, they will say that regular visits to the dental surgery are very important. But for a significant minority of people in the United Kingdom, going to the dentist is something that is hard to even contemplate on account of their dental phobias.

Dental phobias can come in a great variety and there is no single explanation for a dental phobia. However missing dental appointments can have a great impact on your oral health leading to greater problems. Dentists expertise can and will help as they  notice the signs of nasty dental ailments and caries before they get really bad. Without going to the dentist you are potentially missing out on the chance to have things like gum disease, tooth decay and even oral cancer diagnosed early.

Some people have a fear of the dental drill and others are worried about having to have an injection or just have a stranger intrude in their mouths. These feelings can be hard to overcome, especially as the dentist is something that it is easy to avoid in many ways. No-one is going to force you to go and many people go for years without a visit.

Here at Ninety2 Dental your dental experiance is very important to us thats why we offer a nervous patient programme allowing you to feel comfortable and at ease in our practise. Talk to our dental care professionals this may well put your mind at rest when it comes to some of your anxieties.

Sutton Dentist Explains the Benefits of Digital X-Rays.

In the world of modern dentistry, technology is advancing at an incredible rate.                                                                    Dental appointments have been a inconvenience for employers for many years now, particularly if their staff are needing to take a whole morning, afternoon or even the entire day off work because of an oral procedure. But things are changing in dental surgeries which mean that dental procedures can be carried out quicker than ever. With the majority leading busy lifes surely anything that can reduce the time that patients need to spend in the dental surgery is good news. Dentists can fit more patients in and solve their pain problems more efficiantly.

The use of digital x-rays is at the heart of this change. Traditional x-rays have done a fine job for many years but they did have their drawbacks. For one thing, every single x-ray would have to be developed by expert staff in a special lab, This is a lengthy process and can often lead to the need for further appointments, which can be time consuming. There are also associated problems with overexposure and ruined film. Digital x-rays can be processed immediately for the dentist to examine solving patients dental problems quickly and easily.

 X-rays can highlight hidden problems.  They can reveal the extent of dental damage such as tooth decay (cavities), bone-loss due to disease, check the growth of teeth, the condition of the mouth’s occlusion or ‘bite’, and continue to monitor any previous work done. The results of digital x-rays can be seen instantly on the computer screen giving you answers to your questions.

Digital x-rays also address the issue of safety. They require about 80 per cent less radiation meaning they are safer for both the patient and the dentist, who use them every day, Making them a quick, easy and safe option every time.

Ask Dr Carr how a digital x ray can improve and solve your dental care problems.