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Fear Of The Dental Drill?

27th February, 2012

With good reason the drill is probably the most feared of all the dental tools. Well now the millions of dental-phobic people all over the world will have one less thing to fear, a new development in dentistry which has been developed as a pain free alternative  is the ‘gas-firing’ drill  it can also make the process faster and more hard-wearing for the future.

With tooth decay being the most common dental problem in the world, Researchers are confident that the new product will allow more patients to undergo filling treatment with a less painful outcome and to help fight phobias of the dentist.

Head of prosthodontics at King’s College London Dental Institute spoke to the Daily Mail earlier today, saying that ‘in principle, it sounds like a good idea. If this mixture of gas and liquid can be shown to remove enamel, it would be a big step forward for dentistry.’

Confused About Your Treatment Options?

15th February, 2012

When seeking Dental treatments, options and jargon can be confusing. For the dentist these terms are common language but they may as well be a foreign language for the majority of the population. 

At Ninety 2 Dental we like to take a great deal of time with our patients and explain clearly in simple English what the dental treatment options may be and the options we feel best suited for you!

If you have any queries about Dental treatment dont hesitate to Book in with Dr Carr to ease your mind

Be Enlightened In Sutton

Dentists can offer you a range of treatments to put the ‘glitz’ back in your mouth, from bleaching to laser treatments. Some of these however can be a little harsh, and may not be suitable for you, depending how delicate your teeth are.  How do you fancy getting your teeth whitened, gently, whilst you are sleeping at night? You do? Well then pop along to your dentists and get yourself measured up for a fairly new treatment that has set the dental world talking, Enlighten tooth whitening. This treatment can attack the deepest of stains and leave your mouth looking a million dollars. The dentist first takes an impression of your mouth, from which two bespoke trays are made that are water tight. Then you go home and when you’re ready to retire for the evening, you fill the trays with the bleaching agent, slot them over your teeth and then go to sleep. During the treatment, you must be sure to avoid staining foods and drinks and clean your teeth with whitening toothpaste. This process is repeated for two weeks until the process is complete. Then it’s back to the dentist for a quick bleaching treatment and you go out into the world smiling like a Hollywood star. In time, depending on your lifestyle, you may require a top-up now and then, but the affects of the treatment leave the teeth looking beautifully translucent and natural.