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Replacing Missing Teeth In Sutton

22nd March, 2012

Tooth loss can possibly lead to further tooth loss if not addressed as the other teeth are exposed to infection and even further movement once one has gone missing. 

When looking to fill a gap you have many options but the one you will require rather depends exactly on where the tooth has been lost. A bridge is a brilliant replacement for lost teeth as you are still left with different options. If a tooth has gone between two others, a Maryland bridge is one of the more popular choices. It comes as a single tooth with two pontics which are cemeneted on to the back of the neighbouring teeth, This process causes no damage to your own healthy teeth.

Another option is a bridge that is a new tooth bonded to two crowns which are cemented onto the surrounding teeth. After a bridge is fitted it is crucial to maintain an excellent oral hygeine routine it is an acquired technique and takes a little bit of effort to get right at first and you will have to invest in the right tools such as a good toothbrush and interdental brushes,  But get it right and a dental bridge will not only restore the look of your mouth, it will keep the health of your mouth up and running while it is in place!

Considering Crowns? Make an Informed Decision

If you have had to have a root canal treatment, It is very important to have a crown fitted in order to reinstate the strength of the tooth. This will protect your tooth and keep your smile looking amazing.

There are different types of crown materials to consider. The most common crown material used are made from porcelain or porcelain-over-metal. Both look good in the mouth but the latter is made more for strength.

Speak to Dr Carr regarding crowns as we will help you to make an informed decision, which will help restore the strength and appearance of your smile.

The Importance Of Childrens Dental Care

It is exciting for children and also for the parents when they start school.  As part of the ritual of returning to school, parents buy their children new uniforms and other supplies. Many parents in Cheam take their children to the doctor or optician for their annual check up.
According to the chairperson of the department of paediatric dentistry  it is also good time to have a dental checkup.Parents often only bring their children to dental clinics if there has been some problem or pain. Recently a study conducted by some researchers at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that tooth decay is the most chronic childhood disease in the UK. The condition is five times more prevalent than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever. The good part is it can be entirely preventable.
It is therefore advisable that parents should arrange regular dental health checkups with qualified dentist in Ewell just as they schedule baby visits and health checkups with their doctor It is recommended that children should be seen by the dentist within six months of any initial sign of a tooth and every 6 or 3 months thereafter as the dentist recommends. The parents should also be warned that without strict preventive care, poor oral health may end up in a number of health problems in adolescence and adulthood.