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Sutton Dentist Explains Benefits of Botox

27th April, 2012

Firmer, younger-looking skin. No wonder botox is a hit with everyone that tries it. At Ninety 2 Dental we offer a free facial consultation on both line removal and facial augmentation.

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The Importance Of Visiting Your Dentist

19th April, 2012

We strive to keep our teeth healthy with our everyday oral hygiene routines and with all the dental products on the market its even easier.  You may be doing a great job of cleaning at home but it is important to not get complacent.

At home we don’t have all of the equipment to check deep within so it is incredibly important that we ensure to visit the dentist at least a couple of times each year to get a thorough check.

Dentists have an objective to look after you and ensure you maintain excellent dental health such as fighting plaque, tooth decay and gum disease.

A digital X-ray will show if something is going wrong in your mouth and if something like a bit of tooth decay has shown up, it can be sorted out quickly and easily with a filling. The dentist will check the health of your gums andgive you a good clean and oral hygiene instruction advising you how to care for them. They will remove any build up of tartar around the teeth leaving you feeling fresh.

If you put your trust into us we will ensure to deliver the best treatment plan tailor made just for you!

The Pain Of A Tooth Abscess

If you have ever had a tooth abscess you will know that it is not a pleasant experience at all.

If you have an abscess and cannot see a dentist, you should find a doctor even if this means going to the hospital. An abscess can only be attacked and treated once you have been given antibiotics to stop the blood from becoming poisoned and to reduce the swelling.

The signs and symptoms of an abscess are-

-The tooth may be tender to the touch and

-It may hurt when there is a sudden change in temperature

-You may get a fever

-If  your face starts to swell you should seek immediate action, as the condition can become life threatening in some cases.

Once the abscess has gone, your dentist can get to work on you. One of the biggest causes of this condition is tooth decay, so there is a good chance you will need a root canal and then have your gums cleaned, as well as your tooth deep below the gum-line.

The problem with an abscess is they flare up again at anytime, which means the only way to stop this from happening is to have the tooth removed. Of course prevention is better than cure and if you have had a problem with an abscess, it means that you are not looking after your teeth well enough and so should concentrate on your oral hygeine routine.