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Helping With Tooth Grinding In Sutton

31st May, 2012

Over a long period of time you can destroy your teeth and do dramatic damage to your head, neck and upper back and damage that can seriously impair your health in the future. The cause of this is bruxism also know as tooth grinding, the problem with this is you often dont realise you are grinding your teeth as it can be difficult to detect, although your dentist will be able to detect this problem when you go for a check up.

To help with the problem of tooth grinding you can have made a custom fit mouth-guard which will protect the tooth surfaces of the teeth from damage when you sleep, as most tooth grinding is done at night.

However that doesnt solve the problem causing you to grind which is stress! And stress is certainly not good for your mind or body. With most of us leading busy lives with work and hectic home lives it not wonder we seem to take these stresses out on our teeth.

Ninety 2 Dental are commited to help ease the stress and pain of bruxism and help you to resolve the problem

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The Troublesome Wisdom Tooth

23rd May, 2012

Your wisdom teeth or third molars are the last teeth to emerge from your gums during your late teens or “age of wisdom” which gives them this name. Unfortunatlely there is often insufficent room and they become impacted, or trapped, in the jaw bone and gums, and fail to erupt as straight and fully functioning teeth. Impacted teeth may have to be removed.

Why remove a wisdom tooth?

-Gum Infection

A half-buried tooth at the back of the mouth may be difficult to keep clean and the resulting bacterial and food stagnation may give rise to the recurrent infection of the surrounding gum. It is the commonest problem associated with the impacted wisdom teeth and usually the only satisfactory treatment is to remove the offending tooth.


Bacterial and food stagnation associated with a buried tooth may cause decay in an adjacent tooth. Ideally the wisdom tooth should be removed before the decay begins in the adjacent tooth. If decay is already present, removal of the wisdom tooth will prevent decay progressing and allow your dentist access for restorative treatment.


There are many other, less common problems associated with impacted wisdom teeth.