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Sutton Dentist Explains The Benefits Of White Fillings

27th June, 2012

There is a huge craze by people to get the best out of there smile, and why not?  There is nothing like a beautiful and healthy smile to get you noticed. Many things can impact how you feel about the way in which your smile looks including the way you have your teeth filled.

 Old grey, amalgam fillings can tend to make people conscious of the way they smile or open their mouths and many would much prefer more natural looking white fillings. But this does come with a caution as more dentists would rather you replace the old ones only when they need to be.

Still, considering you are paying for the luxury of better looking teeth, you can make the decision to change them when you want to. Before making a decision you should take all the information into consideration. Composite fillings aren’t normally considered to be as durable as amalgam as they are made generally from composite resins and glass particles- they can be fragile, fall out easier and are not that good at resisting the forces you put your teeth through on a daily basis. But the materials that they are made from are changing all the time and slowly are getting up to the levels of strength normally associated with amalgam.

The Importance Of Oral Hygeine At Home

14th June, 2012

We all know its important to to look after our health throughout our lives consisting of a healthy diet and exercise regime, However not many people take this approach to their teeth and after all we only get one set and one smile!

Oral hygiene products are constantly evolving, with companies developing more and more products and devices to make it easy for us to look after our teeth and gums.

But sometimes all the information on products may leave us confused as to which are the best for you. Having a chat with your dentist, who knows your teeth and has a history of everything that has gone wrong in the past, we can then get a good understanding of what we need to buy so that things do not go wrong in the future.

There is an amazing selection of products on the market right now so with a bit of knowledge and research we can all find the right ones. Toothbrush technology has evolved incredibly. Then, there are toothpastes, flosses, mouthwashes and inter-dental brushes to look after the foundations of your smile.