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Tackling Tooth Decay In Sutton

15th February, 2013

Tooth decay is becoming a major problem in children, with sweet things so easy to buy, as your children are growing you are always going to have care for their health,

What you need to take extra care of is their teeth, as these over the years will always be changing, and you need to protect your child from the damage such as the start of dental decay.

As your childrens teeth grow you are responsible  for keeping their teeth clean until you teach them all they need to know to keep their teeth sparkling. Of course on top of maintaining a great oral hygiene routine at home it is very important they visit the dentist whenever needed and at regular intervals over the year.

Where possible you will need to be aware of the danger of school! It is worth taking time to ensure a healthy packed lunch and if sugary snacks are consumed it is at mealtimes and not throughout the day.

If you do have any worries regarding the start of decay it is worth looking into dental sealants. This is a small film of plastic that is melted onto the surfaces of the teeth and prevents any acids and bacteria from eating away at the enamel of the teeth. They are strong, fitted in a matter of minutes and can last from 5-10 years!

If you have any concerns about the dangers of sweet foods or would like any more information about oral hygiene please contact Ninety 2 Dental on 0208 337 1168 where Dr Carr or one of our team will be happy to advise you further!


Identifying a Cavity With Your Sutton Dentist

13th February, 2013

When it comes to your teeth you are possibly at your most vulnerable if you skip a couple of dental appointments as this allows any decay to go unnoticed. Decay can set in quickly and if you attend regularly it can be easily found by taking a radio-graph.

Oral hygiene plays an important factor in the ongoing battle with our teeth. It helps to combat any bacteria build up on the surface of the teeth and the build up of tartar and plaque, all of which can lead to the breakdown of enamel and allow dental cavities to form.

When biting down on the offending tooth or exposing it to hot and cold temperatures you may experience a shooting pain through your mouth, this is the first symptom of a cavity, you may also find when a tooth is developing a cavity it may become unusually discoloured on the surface.

If you are worried you may have a dental cavity or are experiencing any pain at all it is time to contact your sutton dentist so the problem can be resolved. In most cases you may only be in need of a filling, however the longer you leave the pain the further the cavity is allowed to go possibly resulting in a root canal treatment being your only option in saving the tooth.