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The Importance Of Your Dental Examination

26th June, 2014

The world of dentistry is constantly evolving and over the last few years has become very high-tech and rather flashy with so many treatments and smile makeovers to offer to our patients we can often forget the most basic, yet generally the most important treatment in dentistry, your routine examination which is essential to keep on top of any dental decay or gum disease to keep your mouth feeling and looking healthy.

Radio-graphs are another important factor in this as they ensure the your dentist can identify problems quickly and solve them for you as soon as possible

Radio graphs show up a multiple of sins which could lead to any of the following such as fillings, root canals, deep cleaning and scaling, the removal of tartar followed by polishing, the removal of problem milk and wisdom teeth, and the overseeing of orthodontic problems.

The other aims of general dentistry is to always be on the look out for signs of plaque, tooth decay and periodontal and gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss.

General dentistry is there to keep any problems at bay and you dentally fit all year round!

If you feel you may be overdue for your routine dental examination then contact Ninety 2 Dental 

How Dairy Benefits Our Diet

According to a study published in the May/June 2013 issue of General Dentistry, by increasing the dairy in our diets we are able to help prevent the onset of cavities.

Latest research has found that consuming cheese and other dairy products helps to prevent cavities

The study looked at 68 subjects and measured the dental plaque pH in the subjects’ mouths before and after consuming cheese, milk and sugar free yoghurt. Any pH lower than 5.5 puts a person at risk of dental erosion.
The sample was split into three groups and each given a sample to eat for three minutes after which they rinsed their mouths with water. The pH level in their mouth was measured at 10, 20 and 30 minutes after consumption.

Subjects who had eaten the cheese saw a massive increase in pH levels at each interval, which suggests that cheese has the ability to help prevent cavities, by returning the pH in the mouth the a healthier level. Sugar free yoghurt and milk showed no change in the pH.

Additionally various compounds in cheese may adhere to the tooth enamel and help protect the teeth from further acid attack.

Dairy can now be seen not only as a healthy alternative to carb- or sugar filled snacks, but also a preventative measure against cavities

Fighting Decay In Sutton

When it comes to your teeth you are possibly at your most vulnerable if you skip a couple of dental appointments as this allows any decay to go unnoticed. Decay can set in quickly and if you attend regularly it can be easily found by taking a radio-graph.

Oral hygiene plays an important factor in the ongoing battle with our teeth. It helps to combat any bacteria build up on the surface of the teeth and the build up of tartar and plaque, all of which can lead to the breakdown of enamel and allow dental cavities to form.

When biting down on the offending tooth or exposing it to hot and cold temperatures you may experience a shooting pain through your mouth, this is the first symptom of a cavity, you may also find when a tooth is developing a cavity it may become unusually discoloured on the surface.

If you are worried you may have a dental cavity or are experiencing any pain at all it is time to contact your sutton dentist so the problem can be resolved. In most cases you may only be in need of a filling, however the longer you leave the pain the further the cavity is allowed to go possibly resulting in a root canal treatment being your only option in saving the tooth.