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Fitting Crowns In Cheam

19th August, 2014

We all try to look after our teeth each day in cheam with good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, but sometimes things will get out of hand and may go wrong.

You may well suffer from tooth decay and worst still, lose a tooth or two. Now at times like this, you’ll need to turn for help to patch up the damage done and one of the best ways of overcoming such issues is to have your teeth repaired with a dental crown.

This treatment will help to restore the balance of your mouth and maintain your oral health in the future. Crowns are generally made from two materials, porcelain or gold.

Porcelain crowns fit in naturally with the rest of your teeth and give a more natural look to your mouth when they are set into place. Gold crowns however are far more flashy, but they are also incredibly strong. Either or, you will be doing yourself a huge justice by having one fitted.

Talk to Ninety 2 Dental because they not only do they work in the town, but they can offer you the best advice around when it comes to crowns.

The Benefits Of Dentures In Cheam

When you lose a tooth it can be devastating, the thought of losing a tooth is bad enough however from a vanity point of view is awful.

When you find yourself in a situation like this, there are always options available to you and Ninety 2 Dental aims to work with you to find the best solution suited to you and your needs

When replacing a missing tooth one of these options are dentures and although they haven’t always been seen as the most glamorous option in previous years, they have gone through a bit of a makeover in recent years and that has been purely down to the fact that there has been a lot of research and development into them.

Materials used in dentures have become more friendly to the mouth because they are softer and adhere to the mouth better. The world is dentistry is developing and the concept of extractions has changed, gum disease has improved so now more people keep their teeth and wear partial dentures- again, better looking, better fitting and simple to wear.

If you would like any more information on dentures, or which is the best option for you please contact Ninety 2 Dental