Root Canal Treatment In Sutton

If for any reason you’ve let your oral hygiene slip things may things have suddenly gone wrong.

Bad oral hygiene can often lead to tooth decay and if it has got progressively bad, it can lead to the inside of the tooth becoming poisoned.

When you end up in this situation, In order to save the tooth, your only option is to have root canal treatment.

This involves taking the top of the tooth off and then removing the pulp inside. Once this has been done, then the roots have to be removed before the tooth can be filled again and in time possibly crowned.

Thing is, you should also look at the way you care for your teeth beforehand, tooth decay can lead to real nasty things like abscesses and gum disease. If you feel you need a root canal treatment or are suffering pain please contact our practice located in stonecot hill where one of our team members will be happy to advise you