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Sutton Dentist Helps To Combat Bad Breath

10th May, 2011

Do you have problems with bad breath? Bad breath is essentially caused by bacteria in the mouth which can usually be removed by the process of brushing. There is no doubt bad breath can be a real pain and is definitely worth doing your best to avoid. Just a basic understanding of the causes of bad breath can go a long way to helping to overcome it once and for all giving you back your confidence throughout your everyday life. Bad breath known as halitosis by professionals, for most people is a relatively straight forward issue to deal with because the causes of it are easy to understand meaning you can steps to fix the problem. A dedicated dental hygiene regime at home is the best way to combat bad breath. By making sure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day you will be taking the first step towards ensuring that bad breath doesn’t strike.  If you feel you could take steps to imporove your oral hygeine contact your dentist for advice on  how our treatments could help you.

Sutton Dentist Explains New Cosmetic Duracetal Appliances For Replacing A Single Missing Tooth

DurAcetal is a light, flexible and comfortable replacement for missing teeth. When placed in the mouth DurAcetal flexes, therefore fits tightly with a“snap fit” feature. DurAcetal has no metal components and comes in many different tooth and tissue shades giving a very natural appearance and restoring your confidence in your smile. The DurAcetal clasps flex and return to their original shape, they do not loose their retention over time saving trips to the dentist for adjustments, and they provide excellent retention .DurActeal is non porous making it bacteria and stain resistant ensuring no odours, it is also strong and durable as DurAcetal does not break under the stress of daily use, providing years of service. It is biocompatible with no known allergy reactions making it a safe and excellent choice for you.

Root Canal Treatment with North Cheam Dentist

4th May, 2011

If you’ve not been looking after yourself or your teeth lately, you could be leaving yourself open to problems such as plaque and gum disease and the odd, small tooth cavity. Ok, these can be rectified quite quickly and easily if they are caught early. But if the problem is allowed spiral out of control, dental caries could form and get deep into the tooth, leaving you with no option but to have root canal treatment to save the tooth. You may have heard some bad stories concering Root canals  in the past with some very bad stigma attached to the treatment. In some respects, some of the tales of the pain you suffer when having a procedure such as this are true. But dental technology has come avery long way since root canals were first introduced and for most people, it’s really no worse than having say, a filling. On paper though, it’s not pretty reading and just ‘sounds’ positively dreadful. Once a tooth is infected and in order to save it, a dentist must first clear away the decay and rotting pulp inside the tooth. This then enables access to the roots which then are also removed by drilling or laser treatment. In some cases, the root can be difficult to get to, so the dentist must come in through the gum in order to gain access- told you it sounds ugly. But it really isn’t that painful as it sounds. With a local anaesthetic, you should feel no pain at all. Once the tooth is clear of decay, it is then filled or a crown is fitted to restore some strength.