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Looking After Your Oral Health With Ninety 2 Dental

12th December, 2012

When it comes to brushing it is amazing how many people often get it wrong. Brushing has always been paramount to your oral health and your choice of brushes that you clean your teeth with has branched out massively over the past few years. It is not just tooth-brushes that are constantly developing in the dental industry, toothpastes too have branched out to offer everything possible to solve your problems from sensitive teeth to bleeding gums and plaque removal.

If you want to support your fantastic cleaning work it is worthwhile investing in interdental aids such as floss, tape and interdental brushes. This will ensure any food or plaque trapped between the teeth is removed on a daily basis.

If you have any questions on oral hygiene and what the best products to use are talk to Ninety 2 Dental where we will be happy to help and advise you!

Win Your Fight With Plaque With Ninety 2 Dental

5th December, 2012

As much as you care for your teeth, clean your teeth and get rid of everything you can when brushing, it’s only a matter of hours before bacteria starts to work again causing plaque so if your abit slack on the cleaning front for a few days this plaque will harden into tartar and calculus and when this happens it is incredibly hard to get rid of.

Some of the new super electric toothbrushes are designed to get rid of this calculus, but to be sure, your dentist in Sutton is the best option.

But you also have to remember a build up of calculus around the teeth can damage your gums in the long term. As long as you keep a pretty strict regime going with the way you clean your teeth, you shouldn’t have any problems but if you do get into trouble, then at least you have your dentist to fall back on.