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Sutton Dentists Explains The Choice Of Veneers Or Whitening

23rd January, 2013

If your thinking of putting the sparkle back into your smile again in Sutton you may at first feel slightly overwhelmed by the choices on offer, but to get your smile back on track it essentially comes down to the two options of tooth whitening or dental veneers

If your main worry is the slight yellowing of your teeth but in general there in pretty good condition with no front fillings then whitening is a perfect way to restore and perfect your smile.

However if your teeth need a bit of attention due to the condition deteriorating over many years whitening may not be right for you. Veneers sound like the best option for you as they are a thin porcelain covering so will hide any imperfections leaving you with a perfectly straight white smile!

 In particular if your teeth have suffered over the years from wearing down, cracking, gaps, receding gums, chips and fading colour, whitening will simply just not be enough to cover these flaws.

Both veneers and whitening have their place in dentistry and both are equally brilliant, your choice depends on you and what suits your smile. If you would like more information on either of this options please come in and talk to Dr Carr where we can give you advise and explore your options.

Sutton Dentist Advises Great Oral Hygiene For Braces

16th January, 2013

When wearing braces one thing you need to be extra vigilant with is going to be your oral hygiene. It can be hard enough to confront the idea of wearing braces as for many it means a good few years with a fixed appliance on and a lifetime of ensuring your teeth stay perfectly straight especially if your treatment is a complex case so ensuring you are cleaning correctly can seem like a bit of a hassle some days.

It is important when a fitted brace is applied you know how to clean correctly around it and what dental tools you need to invest in to help you along the way,

You are going to have to learn to floss in and around the brace to ensure that you remove any food, Super floss is particularly great for this purpose. Inter-dental brushes will need to be used as well, along with your regular toothbrush and pastes, and the use of a good, medical plaque-busting mouth-wash will help to protect your teeth. Disclosing tablets are also great to shows up any areas where plaque is hiding.

Of course, you also have your dentist in Sutton, it would be wise in the early stages of brace wearing that you make regular visits in order to ensure you are not only doing things right, but to get your teeth cleaned if you aren’t!

Banishing Bad Breath With Ninety 2 Dental

2nd January, 2013

If it has ever been brought to your attention you have bad breath, then you need to tackle it as soon as possible, in order to get rid of the condition as there are many implications as to what might be causing it. Your best bet is to visit your sutton dentist where he can diagnose any problems for you and help by giving you advice.

 All you may need to rectify the problem is some treatment to your teeth and gums, tooth decay and gum disease can cause bad breath and these are a direct result of poor oral hygiene and this needs to be changed.

Improving your diet by either cutting out or cutting down on some of your wayward habits like smoking and excessive drinking can make a bid difference. You can also take steps to banish bad breath such as chewing sugar-free gum and drinking lots of water to promote the saliva levels in your mouth. If you follow these steps within a couple of weeks you should see a difference and the balance of your mouth can begin to restore itself.

If however you have tried everything and the symptoms persist, this could mean that the problem is coming from somewhere else inside your body and you should contact your doctor for further advice

If you are suffering from bad breath contact Ninety 2 Dental for further information