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Ninety 2 Dental Helping You Live With TMJ

27th March, 2013

If you suffer from aching in the face, ear and head aches, migraines and tinnitus its a possibility you are suffering from TMJ, although it is something that can only be treated to an extent Ninety 2 Dental can help you to live with TMJ

Firstly to give you more information on what TMJ means and stands for- The temporomandibular joint is the point at where the lower jaw connects with your skull, It is very small and delicate and if damaged servelerly  it may take some serious corrective surgery to put things right.

The question is how do we damage this joint? However it surprisingly does alot of work between eating and talking, but the jaw is on the go all of the time and yet, thanks to the muscles and tissue that surround it, it copes very well with the average day.

The problem comes with the extra stresses put on our jaw for example Teeth grinding and injuries from sport, can ruin these joints and from that the problem is caused, such as your jaws may click and pop whenever you use them and biting can cause pain problems

When visiting the dentist everything we do is aimed at protecting your bite, to ensure our patients dont have any problems  and your TMJ doesn’t have to go through any extra stress as you go about your life.

If you feel you are suffering from TMJ and are experiencing any problems with your bite contact Ninety 2 Dental where we can help you live with TMJ and offer solutions to make things more comfortable

Don’t Forget Your Routine Dental Appointment!

6th March, 2013

The world of dentistry is constantly evolving and over the last few years has become very high-tech and rather flashy with so many treatments and smile makeovers to offer to our patients we can often forget the most basic, yet generally the most important treatment in dentistry, your routine examination which is essential to keep on top of any dental decay or gum disease to keep your mouth feeling and looking healthy.

Radio-graphs are another important factor in this as they ensure the your dentist can identify problems quickly and solve them for you as soon as possible

Radio graphs show up a multiple of sins which could lead to any of the following such as fillings, root canals, deep cleaning and scaling, the removal of tartar followed by polishing, the removal of problem milk and wisdom teeth, and the overseeing of orthodontic problems.

The other aims of general dentistry is to always be on the look out for signs of plaque, tooth decay and periodontal and gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss.

General dentistry is there to keep any problems at bay and you dentally fit all year round!

If you feel you may be overdue for your routine dental examination then contact Ninety 2 Dental