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Interdental Brushing In Sutton

11th November, 2016

In reality, plaque will always be around in your mouth and if allowed to get out of control, it will lead to gum disease and tooth decay. The most dangerous areas is the place where your brush won’t reach- where the teeth make contact so you have to clean inter-dentally in order to protect your teeth.

Although it may seem a chore and often a little difficult, but there are some brilliant products on the market to help you get by. Dental floss being the most common, It can be worked between the teeth and up under the gums to remove bits of food that may be left there. An alternative to floss is Inter-dental brushes they are brilliant for slipping between the teeth just where the gums meet and pushing food out and away from the gums and teeth. Mouthwashes are very good for the final rinse, to clear away any left over food from the surface of the teeth.

By combining all these things along with a good toothbrush, and making this a regular routine, plaque hasn’t got a chance, and if it does, you always have us to help!

Fighting The Fear Of The Dental Drill In Sutton

14th October, 2016

With good reason the drill is probably the most feared of all the dental tools. Well now the millions of dental-phobic people all over the world will have one less thing to fear, a new development in dentistry which has been developed as a pain free alternative  is the ‘gas-firing’ drill  it can also make the process faster and more hard-wearing for the future.

With tooth decay being the most common dental problem in the world, Researchers are confident that the new product will allow more patients to undergo filling treatment with a less painful outcome and to help fight phobias of the dentist.

Head of prosthodontics at King’s College London Dental Institute spoke to the Daily Mail earlier today, saying that ‘in principle, it sounds like a good idea. If this mixture of gas and liquid can be shown to remove enamel, it would be a big step forward for dentistry.’

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