Sutton Dentist Explains New Cosmetic Duracetal Appliances For Replacing A Single Missing Tooth

DurAcetal is a light, flexible and comfortable replacement for missing teeth. When placed in the mouth DurAcetal flexes, therefore fits tightly with a“snap fit” feature. DurAcetal has no metal components and comes in many different tooth and tissue shades giving a very natural appearance and restoring your confidence in your smile. The DurAcetal clasps flex and return to their original shape, they do not loose their retention over time saving trips to the dentist for adjustments, and they provide excellent retention .DurActeal is non porous making it bacteria and stain resistant ensuring no odours, it is also strong and durable as DurAcetal does not break under the stress of daily use, providing years of service. It is biocompatible with no known allergy reactions making it a safe and excellent choice for you.