Be Aware Of Dental Decay In Children

Recent statistics have shown that shockingly more than one million British children under five have at least two fillings in a study based on children between the ages of two and twelve, 17% of parents admitted that their child has at least three filling, 13% said they have at least one filling, and a staggering 47% of children under twelve have some level of dental decay

The study also showed that 2% of the parents asked said that their children never bothered to brush their teeth, and 12% are aware of the fact that their youngsters lie about brushing their teeth regularly. The research was carried out by toothpaste company Aquafresh

A further 5% of mothers admitted that they were embarrassed to take their child to the dentist after a long period of time because they feel they will be judged and it also revealed that 6% of children have never been to see the dentist!

Dental decay is one of the most preventable diseases in the UK. Dental decay can lead to complications such as tooth loss so it’s vital kids learn to brush properly to prevent later issues with their adult teeth