How Dairy Benefits Our Diet

According to a study published in the May/June 2013 issue of General Dentistry, by increasing the dairy in our diets we are able to help prevent the onset of cavities.

Latest research has found that consuming cheese and other dairy products helps to prevent cavities

The study looked at 68 subjects and measured the dental plaque pH in the subjects’ mouths before and after consuming cheese, milk and sugar free yoghurt. Any pH lower than 5.5 puts a person at risk of dental erosion.
The sample was split into three groups and each given a sample to eat for three minutes after which they rinsed their mouths with water. The pH level in their mouth was measured at 10, 20 and 30 minutes after consumption.

Subjects who had eaten the cheese saw a massive increase in pH levels at each interval, which suggests that cheese has the ability to help prevent cavities, by returning the pH in the mouth the a healthier level. Sugar free yoghurt and milk showed no change in the pH.

Additionally various compounds in cheese may adhere to the tooth enamel and help protect the teeth from further acid attack.

Dairy can now be seen not only as a healthy alternative to carb- or sugar filled snacks, but also a preventative measure against cavities