Looking After Your Teeth For Life

Throughout your life your body changes and your teeth are no exception to this.  The most important thing to remember is Good dental care is always important, no matter what your age as unfortunately you only get one set of adult teeth in your lifetime

The most important part of your dental care routine is to brush regularly and for at least 2 minutes morning and night

By keeping your mouth and teeth in good shape means that you’re likely to keep your teeth for longer.

Not only can bad eating habits, such as too much sugar, lead to tooth decay poor oral hygiene can lead to gum disease also known as gingivitis , which is very common in the UK, and can cause bad breath and bleeding gums.

General Tooth Care-

According to research carried out by the British Dental Health Foundation for National Smile Month 2012, we still have some way to go when it comes to looking after our teeth.

About one quarter of all adults haven’t seen a dentist in the last two years. Three out of every ten adults have regular pain from their teeth, and a quarter of us don’t brush our teeth twice a day.

Those who only brush once a day are one third more likely to have tooth decay. It’s no surprise then that over four-fifths of us have at least one filling.

Most shocking is the fact that a third of all children have tooth decay when they start school!