Overcoming Sensitivity In Cheam

Poor oral hygiene is still a big problem in dentistry which can soon lead to pain and sensitivity in the teeth caused by both gum disease and infection.

There are many different reasons behind why your teeth may become sensitive but there is no doubt it can cause a lot of discomfort for you.

Dental treatments can also leave your teeth feeling sensitive at first, but there are ways of overcoming the problem, such as making sure you attend your dentist regularly as only then can a diagnosis be made and treatment plan given to try and combat sensitivity.

Do not despair, their are things you can do to help by upping your oral hygiene. There are extremely good sensitive toothpastes on the market that remove sensitivity from the teeth and gums and the dentistry industry is continuously developing these. Brushing teeth with a softer brush will also help, along with flossing, interdental aids and mouthwashes.

However once you have started this oral hygiene routine, you should also be wary of what you eat and drink as well, as  highly acidic products will attack the vulnerable areas around the teeth and cause further damage in an already volatile place.