Protect your teeth with a mouth guard says Ewell dentist

Playing sport is a fantastic way of staying fit and having fun. But many sports come with many dangers that you need to protect yourself against. This could involve wearing padding or protection to protect vulnerable or fragile areas of the body such as shin pads or even a helmet, depending on the sport. However, many people overlook their teeth when they are playing sport, not realising that sporting injuries are very common causing broken or knocked out teeth.

 Knocked out teeth can be replaced in some circumstances, but if not, then you may require some lengthy and costly dental restoration like a dental bridge. These procedures are very effective but they can never quite as natural as a real tooth in both appearance and feel.

The best way of protecting your teeth when playing sport  involves wearing a mouth guard. This will act as a cushion, spreading the impact and lessening the chance of sustaining serious damage to the teeth. It is possible to buy mouth guards from sporting goods stores although Ewell dentists recommend that you always have a custom made mouth guard made to fit your mouths contour exactly . This is because most off the shelf mouth guards are not close fitting enough so do not offer sufficient protection. In some case they actually only offer minimally more protection than no mouth guard at all.

Your dentist will make a mould of your teeth before using that to make a mouth guard that fits you individual teeth. This will help to keep your teeth safe during  sporting activities that involves the possibility of facial and dental injury.