Solving Denture Problems With Mini Implants In Sutton

Time is constantly changing things and technology in dentistry is no exception. We have seen a new generation of dentures emerge that have made an incredible difference to patients. About 20 years ago, you would never have thought about putting the word ‘incredible’ and ‘dentures’ in the same sentence especially if you ask anyone from years ago who had to endure them. When considering dentures there any many different types to take into prospective and you have to answer the question “what will work best for me”. Partial dentures will grip more strongly around remaining teeth which will keep them in place, but this isn’t the only advantages modern dentures have to offer, it’s the materials they are made from and how they look that have made them better than ever before. Partial and full dentures are manufactured from softer more natural looking materials that adhere to the mouth better, avoiding the embarrassment of them falling out. However the ultimate development for the wearer has come from the arrival of mini-implants that lock the dentures firmly into place meaning there will be no worry about a loose denture.

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