Sutton Dentist Advises Great Oral Hygiene For Braces

When wearing braces one thing you need to be extra vigilant with is going to be your oral hygiene. It can be hard enough to confront the idea of wearing braces as for many it means a good few years with a fixed appliance on and a lifetime of ensuring your teeth stay perfectly straight especially if your treatment is a complex case so ensuring you are cleaning correctly can seem like a bit of a hassle some days.

It is important when a fitted brace is applied you know how to clean correctly around it and what dental tools you need to invest in to help you along the way,

You are going to have to learn to floss in and around the brace to ensure that you remove any food, Super floss is particularly great for this purpose. Inter-dental brushes will need to be used as well, along with your regular toothbrush and pastes, and the use of a good, medical plaque-busting mouth-wash will help to protect your teeth. Disclosing tablets are also great to shows up any areas where plaque is hiding.

Of course, you also have your dentist in Sutton, it would be wise in the early stages of brace wearing that you make regular visits in order to ensure you are not only doing things right, but to get your teeth cleaned if you aren’t!