Trick Or Treat? The Dangers Of Sweets At Halloween

With the upcoming Halloween holiday while enjoying the festivities its important to  be aware of how many sweets your eating.

So why is it that candy and sugar is so bad for teeth? Read on and we’ll explain.

Your mouth is full of good bacteria, Bacteria that help break down the foods that you eat. When you bite into something, your teeth mash it, and the bacteria in your mouth go about breaking it down even further.

The reason sweets can become so problematic is the good bacteria that help you break down food happen to break sugars down into acids. It is the acids that can cause damage to your teeth

This is why sticky sweets, like caramels, are particularly bad for your teeth. The longer the sugars have to linger in your mouth, the more chance the bacteria have to convert them to dental-damaging acids.

There are a few things you can do to prevent damage to your teeth from sugar:

• Eat less sugar.

• Avoid sticky sugars, like caramel.

• Brush and floss, or wash your mouth out with water after you’ve eaten.

Chocolate and sweets can be tasty, but remember, you only have one set of teeth.