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Little Teeth Have Important Jobs

Unlike big teeth that are made to last more than 70 years, little teeth have thinner enamel and smaller roots to suit their different role. As well as helping with chewing, little teeth have many other jobs including encouraging proper speech, jaw and face development.

Importantly, the little teeth also act as space holders for your child’s big teeth that are waiting underneath them in the gums. When then little teeth are pushed out, the gap left encourages the big tooth to come through straight and help

Big tips for milk teeth

-Avoid leaving your child with a bottle of milk or juice to drink from overnight, as falling asleep with it could harm their teeth

-Getting your child to pretend to be a hippo or lion encourages a wide open mouth for brushing

-If wriggling is a problem, try sitting your child on your lap to brush their teeth. As they get older it can help to stand behind them

Big tips for little teeth

-Give your child a straw for sugary or acidic drinks to avoid contact with teeth

-Before your child goes to sleep give them a glass of water to drinks rather than squash or juice that can harm teeth overnight.

-Try not to let your child know if visiting the dentist makes your nervous, as they may copy your behavior

Big tips for big teeth

-If your child can do joined up writing, thats a good sign they can brush effectively by themselves

-Losing teeth and getting gaps is sometimes difficult for children, so use the tooth fairy to make it fun

-dilute fruit juice with 10 parts water to minimise the acid in contact with their teeth

-Changing toothbrushes every 3 months and after illness makes sure your brushing is always as effective as possible and reduces germ transfer



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