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Overcoming Dental Phobias In North Cheam

Fight the Phobia with the North Cheam Dental Team

We are all afraid of something and know what it is like when the fear takes over. The hairs go up on the back of the neck. The heart begins to pound in the chest and the palms start sweating. Being afraid is not a very nice experience and one that we could do without but then fear is usually irrational and we cannot control it that simply.

This is especially true when it comes to more serious chronic types of fear. These are often called phobias and are usually impossible to control. Dental phobia is probably the most common of all. Nearly 90 per cent of people admit to being slightly nervous when they visit the dentist but for some, this nervousness becomes a full-blown phobia complete with panic attacks. This can often prevent people from receiving the necessary dental treatment. This ironically increases the need for that person to see a dentist in the future as well as being the source of great pain and discomfort.

Dental phobia canbe treated but this involves the patients having to confront their fears. North Cheam dentists are fully trained to help nervous patients and will be very sensitive to their needs. Unlike dentists of the past, modern dentists recognise that it can often be a very unpleasant experience to face your fears and will do all they can to help you overcome them. This may involve talking you thorough procedures or trying to help you learn relaxation techniques via a self help CD to listen to prior to the appointment,  or distract you with ceiling mounted TVs or you can bring in your own choice of musc cd to listen to. No matter how serious your fear, there is a way to beat it and receive the treatment you need.

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