Developing Dentistry In North Cheam

Dental procedures are developing every day and in cheam we like to keep on top of the changes and ensure our patients get the best posssible care,

Going to the dentist used to mean having a routine checkup, have a filling if need be, have a tooth pulled if need be, clean and a polish and that would be it the only other notable procedure being the fitting of dentures

Your 0nly choice of braces used to be the traditional metal kind now you have never-ending options such as invisalign the clear alternative to braces,

 The new availability of the beautiful dental implant even threatens to consign dentures to history. The basics of dentistry have developed but the real change is in cosmetic dentistry.

 Over the past 10 or so years the whiter than white smile has made a comeback, partly thanks to the a-list debuting their sparkling smiles. You can turn back the clock with a dental make-over through the fitting of veneers cosmetic bonding or home and laser whitening.

With Dentists even offering botox injections and dermal fillers our list of treatments just keeps getting better and better!

If you would like more information please contact Ninety 2 Dental where one of our staff will be happy to give you more information